Thursday 3 May 2012

Tricks to make your food yummy as well as healthy!

Healthy Substitutes- Tricks to make your food yummy as well as healthy!

Loved working in laboratories during school days??
Enjoyed experimenting with chemicals when teachers were not around??
Now, try to make your kitchen, your laboratory!
Replace unhealthy food products with similar tasting healthier ones.

I can only suggest with a few options; it’s your innovation time now.

If you usually preferred:
Try these:
Pizza on a parantha
Fried papads
Roasted papads
Tradional chevda
Cornflakes with nuts
Maida chapatti for frankie
Whole wheat chapatti
Skimmed milk hung curd
Noodles, pastas etc. made of refined wheat flour
Noodles, pasta etc. made up of whole wheat flour
White rice
Brown rice(make sure it is not caramelized)
White bread
Whole wheat bread
Ice cream
Frozen mashed/blended banana
Full milk/buffaloes  milk
Skimmed/toned milk
Olive oil/ rice bran oil
Butter biscuits
Whole wheat biscuits/rusks
Oats porridge
Mashed potatoes
Mashed cauliflower
Aerated drinks
Fruit juices, milkshakes, buttermilk
Chinese bhel
Spiced sprouts salad
Strong tea
Light tea- Boiled water in which tea was added in the end

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