Tuesday 14 January 2014

Ways to deal with fatigue

I know many people who often complain of extreme fatigue and weakness. Some are underweight and a few are obese. Both these categories suffer from fatigue due to various reasons. The first group may be eating less than required or their BMR must be high, resulting in burning of more calories. It might be possible that their energy storage must be insufficient. The second group suffer mainly because of their excess weight.
 I hence decided to write a few tips and recommendations to overcome fatigue:
 1. Check for any underlying disease that must be causing fatigue. eg. Thyroid, anemia, sleep apnea etc.
 2. Check your medications. Some medicines cause fatigue. So whenever you start a new dose, may sure to confirm about the side effects with your physician first.
 3. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration leads to fatigue. It reduces alertness and concentration. Drink sufficient fluids except water too, like buttermilk, milk etc.
 Light to pale yellow colour urine indicates that you are properly hydrated. Dark colour indicates the need of more water.
 4. Exercise regularly. Researches have proved that exercising boosts energy levels. It improves the quality of life. 150 minutes spread throughout the week is suggested. Yoga is the most efficient therapy to deal with fatigue.
 5. Sleep well. Its the best way to overcome fatigue. 8 hours of sound sleep is essential to remain physically and mentally fit. Afternoon nap for 10 minutes is usually enough to boost energy. Dont sleep too much during the day as that would disturb your body clock.
 6. Have foods rich in omega 3. It increases immunity, strength and vigour. Good sources are fishes, walnuts and flax seeds.
 7. Maintain your body clock. Eat, sleep, wake up and visit the washroom at the same time everyday. This would keep your body prepared and energy levels maintained.
 8. Take multivitamin supplements. It breaks down energy from body stores and also compensates if your diet is deficient in any nutrient.
 Take care and eat sensibly!
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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Reasons why people don't lose weight easily!

Why are you not losing weight?

Here are a few reasons that become hindrance in weight loss, working on which, shall definitely show results:

1) Absence of physical activity in form of exercises, yoga, aerobics, walk or similar work outs.
2) You eat more than your body burns.
3) Your BMR is low. ( The amount of energy required by body to burn fat is lower than the normal levels, so even if you eat less, you tend to put on that extra weight)
4) Improper DIET.. which of course plays an important role in maintenance of healthy weight.
5) Your fat cells are more.
Remember, the number of fat cells you have, remains constant through out your life. You become fat, when those cells increase in size and become thin, when they shrink.
6) If your parents have been obese, you are prone to be obese.
when both the parents fall in this category, there are 80% chances that the baby will be obese.
When only one parent is obese, there are 50% chances that the baby will be obese.
7) The way you were fed in the first two years of your life.
(since your cells build up in that stage).
8) Over consumption of certain foods or absence of certain foods ( like over intake of fatty stuff or absence of foods rich in fiber etc.).
9) Faulty lifestyle- Not having food on its regular time, skipping meals etc, also plays a role
10) Improper sleep.
11) Lack of consistency in following your diet plan and working out.
12) When you have a medical condition, wherein losing weight becomes comparatively difficult e.g. thyroid, Diabetes etc.
13) Eating more since you do not understand your body's message- sometimes we feel thirsty only, but we tend to eat something (while our body doesn't need that extra intake. We misunderstand thirst for hunger, and thus put on extra pounds).

To lose weight in a healthy way, contact: nutri.info14@gmail.com.
We shall prepare a personalized plan for, closely monitor you and help you lose weight.

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Eat sensibly :)

Thursday 3 May 2012

Tricks to make your food yummy as well as healthy!

Healthy Substitutes- Tricks to make your food yummy as well as healthy!

Loved working in laboratories during school days??
Enjoyed experimenting with chemicals when teachers were not around??
Now, try to make your kitchen, your laboratory!
Replace unhealthy food products with similar tasting healthier ones.

I can only suggest with a few options; it’s your innovation time now.

If you usually preferred:
Try these:
Pizza on a parantha
Fried papads
Roasted papads
Tradional chevda
Cornflakes with nuts
Maida chapatti for frankie
Whole wheat chapatti
Skimmed milk hung curd
Noodles, pastas etc. made of refined wheat flour
Noodles, pasta etc. made up of whole wheat flour
White rice
Brown rice(make sure it is not caramelized)
White bread
Whole wheat bread
Ice cream
Frozen mashed/blended banana
Full milk/buffaloes  milk
Skimmed/toned milk
Olive oil/ rice bran oil
Butter biscuits
Whole wheat biscuits/rusks
Oats porridge
Mashed potatoes
Mashed cauliflower
Aerated drinks
Fruit juices, milkshakes, buttermilk
Chinese bhel
Spiced sprouts salad
Strong tea
Light tea- Boiled water in which tea was added in the end

Monday 30 April 2012

Lose weight in just 7 days!!

You must have come across million of such statements.. right??
 I am not going to promise you anything like this here. Infact I want to give you something more than just weight loss.. its "GOOD HEALTH". The title was deceptive. But my intention was to introduce the ill effects of diets that give such results in super short duration. 
Read further to know more about crazy diets and their crazier results!

All That Jazz about Fad Diets!
Are they really good?

Ever noticed these ads on trains, newspapers, magazines etc promising instant fat loss in an unbelievable time period? Any sane person would accept the fact that either is all a bluff or an unhealthy way which they opt for such a quick loss.
But such diets and programs easily attract those people who are desperately looking for a slimmer figure.
These diets are very unhealthy and can cause hazardous changes in our body. Not only that, you may even gain double the weight you lost as soon as you stop dieting.

They may not come with a tag of “fad diet”. One has to properly check and consult a nutritionist before taking up any diet programme.

Hereunder I have mentioned a few ways one can recognize whether a diet is a healthy one or a fad one:

According to American Heart Association, these are criteria to recognize a fad diet:

  • Magic or Miracle Foods:
These diets incorporate foods that burn fat. Actually no food burns fat; in fact any food if eaten in excess may build up fat. There is no magic food as such. Every food is good and unique. It’s needed by us but in moderation. So don’t just stick to one food and at the same time, don’t criticize any food.

  • Inflexible menus and time schedules:
These diets give you hardly any options on what all you can have. Following strictly to those particular foods at specified timings becomes practically impossible on a long run.

  • Aberrant quantities:
Eating too much or too little of one food not only becomes boring but also leads to nutritional deficiencies.
It may also leas to bloating, flatulence, acidity and bad breath.

  • Rapid weight loss:
Losing tremendous weight in short span may also be an indication of health hazard, as weight loss is not fat loss.

  • No increased physical activity:
To maintain good health, physical activity is a must and when it comes to losing fat, it’s more than just necessary. Such plans don’t encourage physical activity or work outs. This proves our Law at Bodyark “health decrease as motionless increases”.

  • Specificity for patients:
 The first thing any good nutritionist will ask you before planning your diet plan is that whether you suffer from diabetes, CVD, Hypertension etc.
And your plan would be a specific one which will keep your illness in control and prevent degradation of your health.
Such plans do not specify or clarify the client’s condition. They are usually generalized.

1)      Dr. Atkins Diet
2)      The South beach Diet
3)      General Motors Diet
4)      The Cabbage Soup Diet
5)      The Grapefruit Diet
6)      The 3 Day Diet
7)      Dr. Sears Enter Zone Diet
8)      The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet
9)      Pritikin Diet Plan
10)   Save –your- Life Diet
11)  Cinder Vinegar Diet
12)   Lecithin Diet
13)  Kelp Diet
14)  Vitamin B6 Diet
15)  Zen Macrobiotic Diet
16)  Set point Diet
17)  Drinking mans diet etc. are to name a few

These diets can be further categorized as under:

1)      Low and no carbohydrate diets:
 These diets usually recommend low or no carbohydrate in their menus. They target on just proteins or fats.
This catches attention because the result is rapid weight loss. Though the fact remains something else. What is lost is not the fat; it’s actually water loss from the body.
Carbohydrate is the major energy source for the body. It is required for glucose supply to the brain, the heart and such important organs of the body.
Though, excess of carbohydrate gets converted into fat, but completely omitting it from the menu is not appropriate. One can opt for moderation.
When one is on a low or no carbohydrate diet, instead of using carbs for energy, body utilizes stored fat. Now for oxidation of fats, carbs are required again. The short supply of carbohydrate causes the fat to breakdown incompletely, thus resulting in formation of ketone bodies.
To get rid of these toxic ketone bodies, large amount of water is excreted, which shows a faulty indication and we consider it fat loss although we have just lost water, which is compensated once you are on normal diet again and thus you may gain double the weight.

2) The other kind of such diets are high fiber, high carbohydrate diet. They have been proved to lower the immunity and show poor wound healing.

2)      Some diets are based on liquids only. They provide less than 400 Kcals a day. This can be extremely risky for health. It can also lead to death.

3)      Starving or things like anorexia bulimia are self imposed restrictions and lead to depletion of muscle mass, tissues, minerals etc. Many side effects are also seen. Anemia and kidney stones are to name a few.

To lose Fat in a healthy way, always choose for a personalized diet plan made by a nutritionist. The basic idea is to eat in moderation, be more active and have a positive approach in life. There is no short cut in life (say healthy life) even a new born takes a year to just being able to stand on his/her feet, forget about walking and running. So don’t expect instant results however consistency will guarantee results.

Monday 23 April 2012

Corporate Life and Health Issues

Corporate life and Health Issues

While we all sit back and look at the IT companies booming, we realize that corporate life is the one which gives its populace maximum opportunities and favorable circumstances to attain utmost success in life and people leading this life are more dynamic and high octane; but the one who endures knows that it’s not all that rosy. Many times they have to work more than regular hours, skip meals when the work load is high or even work at late nights to achieve targets.
To meet such demands of life, working people tend to overlook their health.

Here are a few ways one can find out whether he is suffering from any health issues:
If he feels fatigued even when he wakes up in the morning
Has his food palette changed in terms of quantity?
Is he often irritated, depressed or restless?
Has flatulence and bloating become a part of his life?

These all are a few symptoms of an unhealthy life.

We have always heard that “the groundwork of all happiness is health”. When you are fit, you are more enthusiastic, energetic and innovative, which has an obvious impact on your overall work performance. But in rush of life, health becomes less prior. A Spanish proverb says, “A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools”
People spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.

The first most common problem faced by working mass is “stress”.
Stress brings along with it many other problems viz. depression, aches, pains, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, dizziness, chest pain etc. which often affects our behavior, like one may start eating too much or too little.
While eating too much (and thanks to corporate life, for it is innately blessed with a sedentary lifestyle) leads to obesity and other lifestyle diseases; eating less, on the other hand, makes one feel weak and low, thus again bringing down the ability to work, so more failures, more stress and the vicious cycle continues.

Along with big fat salaries comes sedentary lifestyle and extra pounds of fat free!! Plus such individuals are either too busy or lazy to opt for workouts or walks. They all end up with diabetes, high cholesterol and sometimes blockages that obstruct their arteries like what filth does to a pipeline. Its then they realize that they should keep a check on what they eat, but at times it’s too late!

So to lead a healthy life one must eat right. By right I mean, that much quantity and the kind of food one requires carrying out daily routines appropriately.

During adulthood nutrients are required for the purpose of energy and for maintenance of body functions. Though there is no growth during adulthood, but proteins are required for the replacement of worn out tissues.
One has to remember that if he is leading a sedentary lifestyle, he may be prone to various diseases like obesity, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular disease, so he has to keep a regular check on your weight and his lipid profile.

A healthy life is like an investment, one is sure to get its returns in old age.

 “Eat your food as your medicine or else you’ll have to eat medicine as your food -Hippocrates.”