Tuesday 14 January 2014

Ways to deal with fatigue

I know many people who often complain of extreme fatigue and weakness. Some are underweight and a few are obese. Both these categories suffer from fatigue due to various reasons. The first group may be eating less than required or their BMR must be high, resulting in burning of more calories. It might be possible that their energy storage must be insufficient. The second group suffer mainly because of their excess weight.
 I hence decided to write a few tips and recommendations to overcome fatigue:
 1. Check for any underlying disease that must be causing fatigue. eg. Thyroid, anemia, sleep apnea etc.
 2. Check your medications. Some medicines cause fatigue. So whenever you start a new dose, may sure to confirm about the side effects with your physician first.
 3. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration leads to fatigue. It reduces alertness and concentration. Drink sufficient fluids except water too, like buttermilk, milk etc.
 Light to pale yellow colour urine indicates that you are properly hydrated. Dark colour indicates the need of more water.
 4. Exercise regularly. Researches have proved that exercising boosts energy levels. It improves the quality of life. 150 minutes spread throughout the week is suggested. Yoga is the most efficient therapy to deal with fatigue.
 5. Sleep well. Its the best way to overcome fatigue. 8 hours of sound sleep is essential to remain physically and mentally fit. Afternoon nap for 10 minutes is usually enough to boost energy. Dont sleep too much during the day as that would disturb your body clock.
 6. Have foods rich in omega 3. It increases immunity, strength and vigour. Good sources are fishes, walnuts and flax seeds.
 7. Maintain your body clock. Eat, sleep, wake up and visit the washroom at the same time everyday. This would keep your body prepared and energy levels maintained.
 8. Take multivitamin supplements. It breaks down energy from body stores and also compensates if your diet is deficient in any nutrient.
 Take care and eat sensibly!
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