Wednesday 16 May 2012

Reasons why people don't lose weight easily!

Why are you not losing weight?

Here are a few reasons that become hindrance in weight loss, working on which, shall definitely show results:

1) Absence of physical activity in form of exercises, yoga, aerobics, walk or similar work outs.
2) You eat more than your body burns.
3) Your BMR is low. ( The amount of energy required by body to burn fat is lower than the normal levels, so even if you eat less, you tend to put on that extra weight)
4) Improper DIET.. which of course plays an important role in maintenance of healthy weight.
5) Your fat cells are more.
Remember, the number of fat cells you have, remains constant through out your life. You become fat, when those cells increase in size and become thin, when they shrink.
6) If your parents have been obese, you are prone to be obese.
when both the parents fall in this category, there are 80% chances that the baby will be obese.
When only one parent is obese, there are 50% chances that the baby will be obese.
7) The way you were fed in the first two years of your life.
(since your cells build up in that stage).
8) Over consumption of certain foods or absence of certain foods ( like over intake of fatty stuff or absence of foods rich in fiber etc.).
9) Faulty lifestyle- Not having food on its regular time, skipping meals etc, also plays a role
10) Improper sleep.
11) Lack of consistency in following your diet plan and working out.
12) When you have a medical condition, wherein losing weight becomes comparatively difficult e.g. thyroid, Diabetes etc.
13) Eating more since you do not understand your body's message- sometimes we feel thirsty only, but we tend to eat something (while our body doesn't need that extra intake. We misunderstand thirst for hunger, and thus put on extra pounds).

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